July 1, 10:30 am                             

Leslie d’Oronzio                                                              

Meet Some of Our Neighbors

A discussion with several of our neighbors of diverse backgrounds and experiences offering some alternative perspectives that are part of the American experience

Coordinator: Leslie d’Oronzio



July 8, 10:30 am                                   

Des Shaw                                                                                               

Understanding the NRA

This is a continuation of my impromptu service on June 3 where I showed that the power of guns has increased beyond all recognition from the technology that was available when the Second Amendment was born.  Thus this amendment can no longer be justified simply "because the Founding Fathers said so."  We have to rethink this one for ourselves. The National Rifle Association has only 5 million members, or one in 65 of all Americans, way smaller than the YMCA (21 million) or the Democratic Party (45 million), and not a lot larger than Emily’s list (3 million).  Yet it’s no fringe group:  the ideas it represents are clearly supported by a much larger number of people in this country – maybe even a majority.  Let’s look beyond the demonization by our liberal media to see what those ideas are.                                         Coordinator: Des Shaw


July 15, 10:30 am                             

Jane Cowan                                                                                   

What Can RE Do For Me?

Spiritual growth is a lifelong pursuit. We’re here to learn and grow, the ultimate goal of which is the cultivation of our souls, the unfolding of our powers and capacities as human beings. There are many opportunities for spiritual growth for all ages. Join us for a discussion of what religious education is within Unitarian Universalism, and its potential within our congregational community and beyond.                            Coordinator: Jane Cowan



July 22, 10:30 am                         

Rev. Dawn Sangrey                                                                            

Not a Valentine. A Muscle

Your heart isn’t a paper cutout or a chocolate raspberry cream. It’s a muscle that keeps you alive from your first breath to your last. You may have heard the claim that heartfelt love can be life-changing.  Your own life may have been changed by love. What does it mean to say that our UU faith can be life-changing? And what’s love got to do with it?                   Coordinator: Rob Young



July 29, 10:30 am                           

Rev Joy Christie Przestwor                                                             

The Possibilities of Journeys While Traveling

Summer brings with it the flow of imagination and the places we wish to explore and discover, What goes into the preparation process? What can be a deeper way of culling from any journey a more complete view of self and others? What types of journeying possibilities abound when we are willing to be aware? This is an invitation to come and dive deep.                                       Coordinator: Tricia Larkin


August 5, 10:30 am                           

Scot McDermid                                                                             

Career, Connection, and Oneness

 I don’t claim to know the meaning of life, but I have a model about what brings life meaning: Growing as an individual, connecting with people, and connecting with something bigger.  All three of these involve leaning into vulnerability and openness.  This model includes fear, courage, being in the moment and being out of the moment.                                  Coordinator: Harry Shair    



August 12, 10:30 am

Jim Recktenwal  

Social Security – Is it OK?

To most of us, Social Security is a key component of our retirement, and is strongly correlated to Social and Economic Justice. How does it work? What are the big trends over the past 60 years? How does it look for the next 20?  What threats does it face? Is it going to be OK? Come and learn more.    Coordinator: Harry Shair



August 19, 10:30 am                         

Jane Cowan                                                                                   

Love in Action

We believe in economic justice, environmental justice, racial justice, and that love is love. We have high ideals and beautiful dreams, but what does it look like when we make our dreams come true? What do these ideals look like in real life? Join us for a discussion of grounded steps we can all take towards changing our lives into demonstrations of love toward the world.                              Coordinator: Jane Cowan



August 26, 10:30 am                       

Mike Steger                                                                                    

Social Justice through Sports

High profile athletes have long had a prominent public platform from which they have addressed social issues.  From Tommy Smith and John Carlos to Muhammad Ali to LeBron James and Chris Long, athletes have promoted social justice, sometimes at great personal cost.                                           Coordinator: Rob Young



September 2, 10:30 am                     

Harry Shair                                                                               


Come join us as we prepare our building and grounds for the new church year.  Please bring a rack or weed wacker and help us outside or bring your talents inside and help clean.  There is much to do.