Oct. 6, 10:30 am                       Michael Miller

Michael Miller CUPON - Hillsdale

Michael Miller is the founder of CUPON the Rockland's grassroots movement against illegal development and over-development in the County.  CUPON currently has eleven chapters across Rockland with the of helping neighbors become more aware and engaged in what is happening as far as land development and building within their communities.       

Coordinator: Rob Young


Oct. 13, 10:30 am                     Phyllis Frank

Phyllis Frank - VCS

Phyllis Frank is the Senior Executive of VCS (Volunteer Counselling Services) of Rockland County and conducts social justice and training programs including Undoing Racism. She is also on the Executive Board of Rockland's PRIDE Center.              

Coordinator: Bridget Laureira


Oct. 20, 10:30 am                        Melanie Davis

Melanie Davis

Melanie Davis, PhD. - Transforming Lives Through Sexual Education will speak about the positive impacts of Our Whole Lives education for young people and adults and the importance of being open and forthcoming about sexuality.

Coordinator: Leslie d’Oronzio


Oct. 27, 10:30 am                       Mikki Baloy

Remembering Our Ancestors

In honor of the seasonal days of remembrance (Samhain, Dia de los Muertos, and All Soul’s), Mikki will be speaking and leading a non-denominational ritual offering to honor our ancestors, both known and unknown. As you feel moved, please bring a photo or object of remembrance of a family member or loved one who has passed.

Coordinator: Jane Cowan