June 2, 10:30 am                      Bridget Laureira

Science and/or Religion?

Can we believe in both religion and science or are these opposing beliefs? Some religious denominations welcome modern science while others are suspicious of it. Some scientists have been religious, others atheists. How did Galileo and Darwin cause clashes between science and religion. Can we discuss science and religion or is it science versus religion?

Coordinator: Tricia Larkin


June 9, 10:30 am                    Rev. Sangrey & Terri Pahucki

           RE & Coming of Age

Join us in celebration as we recognize the journeys our children and youth have made this year! Our Coming of Age youth will share their Credos, marking an important milestone in their lives as Unitarian Universalists. We will also celebrate the completion of the Timeless Themes and UU Simpsons classes.              

Coordinator: Rob Young


June 16, 10:30 am                  Rev. Sangrey & Terri Pahucki

                De Colores – Flower Communion

Bring a flower to add to the bouquet for our annual flower communion ceremony. We will celebrate the diversity and beauty of our congregation, recognize the leaders who have worked hard all year to sustain UUCR, and thank the teachers who have shared themselves with our children. A bridging ceremony rounds out the morning as one of our youth transitions to young adulthood.          

Coordinator: Harry Shair



June 23 is the beginning of our summer services. A complete list of these services will be in the summer issue of the newsletter and on our website.