Sept. 25, 10:30 am Rev. Dawn Sangrey

What Are We Doing Here?

This congregation is more than a social club where like-minded people come together to drink coffee and talk about their ideas.  It is more than a collection of boards and committees who organize our institutional life.  It is more than the physical buildings and grounds and the tireless workers who tend them.  It is even more than a worshipping community where we gather on Sunday morning to share what we believe to be spiritually worthwhile.  This congregation has a role to play in moving the arc of the universe toward justice.


Dave Chapman - Sept. 18, 2016  

Do Unitarian Universalists Go To Heaven? 

What happens if there really is a Heaven and, as according to the theory of Universal Salvation, we all go there? By what guidelines might we expect to be admitted or by which might we be denied admission? What would be expected of us there? What would be the potential for asking those we had harmed for forgiveness?  How would we respond if someone came to us and asked us to forgive them? How would you spend eternity?


Rev. Dawn Sangrey - September 11, 2016

Homecoming/Ingathering/Opening Day

Come and celebrate the beginning of a new congregational year with your new minister.  We will meet and greet, enjoy worship together as a whole congregation, and then eat and schmooze.  Rev. Dawn will unpack her suitcase and offer a brief reflection on the 15thanniversary of September 11.  It’s time for us to gather together again.

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