March 10, 10:30 am Rev. Dawn Sangrey

March 10, 10:30 am                            Rev. Dawn Sangrey

The Ones We Have Been Waiting For

Over 60 years ago a small band of determined Unitarians founded a new congregation in Rockland County. They dreamed of a place where their children could learn to nurture their self-worth and benefit from the wisdom of all religious traditions, a place where the members could explore, discuss, and debate about what gives life meaning and purpose.  A few years later, they built a home for their fledgling society with their own hands. Let us consider what it will take to carry their legacy forward.     


March 3, 10:30 am Andre Mol

March 3, 10:30 am                                   Andre Mol

The Space Between

Names and categories create distinctions which we use to navigate our world.  But what happens when society's standard labels don't fit our identity - black, white, gay, straight, male, female?  We are more than just a label.  Yet, it takes courage to live outside categorical norms.  Rev. Andre Mol, Developmental Assistant Minister at the First UU Society of Burlington, explores stories of trans and gender non-confirming individuals who risk living into their full humanity, and ways we can collectively affirm those lives with our love.


Feb. 24, 10:30 am Rev. Dawn Sangrey

Feb. 24, 10:30 am                               Rev. Dawn Sangrey

A Time to Break Silence

Over fifty years ago, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. preached “Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence” at the Riverside Church in Manhattan.  For the first time in public, King opposed the war in Vietnam and called for “a true revolution of values” in America. We will revisit his message in the light of our current national situation.           


Feb. 17, 10:30 am Rob Young

Feb. 17, 10:30                                         Rob Young

Science Fiction – To Boldly Go Where No UU has Gone Before


Religion frequently takes a central role in popular science fiction.  From various depictions of God, angels and the afterlife, religion is a heavily used plot tool in sci-fi writing. Join us this Sunday as we blast off to explore strange new worlds,seek out popular uses of religion in science fiction and boldly go where no UU has gone before.                                          


Feb. 3, 10:30 am Rev. Dawn Sangrey

Feb. 3, 10:30 am                      Rev. Dawn Sangrey

UU Theology: Who Am I?

 What are people like? What is the nature of humans? Where do they fit in the natural order of things? Are humans good or evil, worthy or unworthy, powerful or impotent, in control or out of control, eternal or ephemeral? This sermon is the first in the series of Five Questions, Theology for Unitarian Universalists.