Our Heart Center

Dec. 2, 10:30 am                                        Leslie d’Oronzio

Our Heart Center

Listen to your heart, Follow your heart, My heart is filled with love, I know in my heart it’s the right thing to do.  We’ve probably all used these terms at one time or another to express the sincerity and resoluteness  of a feeling or a choice.  In Yoga we speak of the sacred chakra of the heart, Anahata, as the wellspring of love, warmth, compassion, and joy.  Are these just simply expressions? Does science offer any alignment with the heart being at the center of it?


Is UUCR a Family?

Dec. 9, 10:30 am                                      Rev. Dawn Sangrey

Is UUCR a Family?

Speaking about their UU congregation, some people say, “I love it. It’s just like a family.” They mean the good kind of family, of course: the intimate family where everyone is loving and helpful. James Luther Adams, one of the most preeminent UU theologians of the twentieth century, said that people need “intimacy and ultimacy.” We long for a sense of belonging. And we need to reach for whatever seems highest and most important, whatever matters most.  Adams also said that in order for goodness to prevail, it has to be institutionalized. He said the kind of institution you create reveals your beliefs. Let’s explore the family as a metaphor for UUCR and ask how this idea  shapes the congregation today.  


Feb. 11, 10:30 a.m Terri Pahucki

Share the Love Sunday

We join Unitarian Universalist congregations nationwide in celebrating courageous love and justice on this day.


Jan. 28, 10:30 a.m. Rev. Dawn Sangrey

Listening Is a Spiritual Practice

Really listening is different from what we usually do, and it can be learned (that is, practiced).  As we listen to each other deeply and share with each other honestly, we find our common experience, our shared humanity. Deep listening blurs the boundary between the sacred and the secular, between the holy and the ordinary. Miracles can happen when we listen deeply to each other.


Jan. 21, 10:30 a.m. Rhonda Fleisher 

Rhonda Fleisher

Reflections on Social Causes

 In these times, many of us feel the calling to engage more in social causes. Is that impulse to help enough? When are we helping without perpetuating cycles of injustice? Is selfless service possible? How can we sustain meaningful service and community engagement without finding ourselves drained and discouraged?  Rhonda Fleischer will share her reflections and experiences on this timely topic, based on a lifetime commitment to human service both domestically and in Africa. Her personal journey has involved traveling across continents, working with runaway and homeless youth, managing large, multi-service organizations, helping refugees from throughout Africa prepare to resettle in the U.S, and empowering young girls right here in Rockland County. Together, we’ll explore how we can cultivate a spiritual and practical approach to service that brings benefit in an imperfect world