RE curriculum for 2018-2019


●     Infant to Pre-K - Childcare is provided every Sunday. We also invite our preschoolers and their caregivers to join us for children’s worship and intergenerational services.


●       Grades K-5 - We will be using Timeless Themes, an interactive curriculum based on the Hebrew and Christian Bible Stories.

●       Grades 6-12 - On most Sundays, RE classes will use D’Oh God- a theology curriculum based on the TV series the Simpsons. On the first Sunday of the month, Coming of Age youth in grades 8-11 will meet with me and their mentors, while those in grades 6-7 will join the Timeless Themes class.


We are still looking for teachers and assistants for the fall, so please let me know if you are able to help. I will be on-site organizing and planning throughout the summer, with a few Sundays away in June, July, and August.  Have a great summer!