RE curriculum for 2019-2020


●     Infant to Pre-K - Childcare is provided every Sunday. We also invite our preschoolers and their caregivers to join us for children’s worship and intergenerational services.

  • Children from Kindergarten to grade 4 may play in the nursery or sit with their parents in the service.


Beginning Fall 2019

●      Grades 5-9- Lodestone: Magnetize Your Middle School! - Units in Unitarian Universalism and Race explore topics with meditation, skits, science, social nights, arts and crafts, and games. (OWL for ages 10-12 will be held once a month during RE Time.) 

●       Older Youth will attend services, assist with RE, and participate in leadership activities and youth group.


Everyone is invited to sign up to teach and assist next year. Sign-up sheets are on the worship room table. Let’s continue to keep RE strong at UUCR for the next cohort of children and youth!