RE curriculum for 2016-2017


●     Nursery infant to 4 yrs.  - Our nursery is available for children in this age range.

●     K – 5th grade - Spirit of Adventure - This class will explore what it means to be Unitarian Universalist, by looking at famous UU’s in sports, medicine, food, winter holidays, science, building, the web of life and more.  This is an exciting and fun curriculum for an active group.

●     6th – 10th grade - Neighboring Faiths - This class includes exploration of the world’s religions, and various forms of Christianity and includes visits to nearby faith communities of other religions. We will supplement with new resources from Tapestry of Faith’s Building Bridges curriculum, which focuses on building understanding and relationships with our nearby faith communities.

●     9th - 12th grade - Youth Ministry –Our youth will meet with advisors in early September to vision for the year ahead. Worship, small group ministry, social justice, and social activities with other congregations are all possible!