APRIL 2019



Crocuses and tulips, warmer weather, new buds on trees… April is a time for joy, as we move out of winter and into spring. This month we are in the full swing of activity, moving toward hope and the renewal of life.


New committees have formed to search for our next minister and DRE. At the same time, planning for next year goes on as the RE committee has begun choosing curriculum and sharing hopes about the programs we would like to offer for next year, and increasing outreach to new families. If you have thoughts to share, let us know. We welcome the ideas of the whole community.


The Timeless Themes class has been learning about stories of Jesus from the Bible. As we enter into the Easter season in the Christian church, we will learn about the Christian meaning of these holidays through the stories of Jesus’ death and resurrection. As always, our classes are a way for children and youth to learn about other religions - including religious ideas which may be challenging -  to ask questions and sort through their own ideas, while learning from the ideas of others. Teachers and assistants are needed in April, so if you would like to join the children on this religious journey, let me know.


This month our Coming of Age class will be working on social justice. Stay tuned for more details about their projects! Youth will attend the last cons of the year, as well as this year’s UU United Nations Intergenerational Seminar, which focuses on Gender Equity.


April Schedule


April 7     CWS (children’s worship service)

                  RE classes

        14      RE classes

        21      Easter Sunday Intergenerational Service

        28      RE classes


In faith,


Director of Religious Education

Terri Pahucki