At the congregational retreat last September, there was a visioning exercise where people brainstormed about where they want the congregation to go and what that “looks like”. We will convene a Strategic Planning Task Force next year to address many issues. In the meantime, we got feedback   that our physical, outward appearance gives the impression that our faith community is not visible or vital.

Perhaps we are a little club in the woods? Our grounds are very overgrown and untidy with weeds. Our signage could use improvements.

We are therefore embarking on a project we call Face Forward.   This involves getting professional help to come up with a landscaping plan that make us look more vibrant and inviting, as well as easy to maintain ourselves. We envision better, more visible signage by our driveway entrance.

The main initiatives that we are looking at as part of FACE FORWARD are:

 --Working with a landscaper to create a more attractive and maintainable entry area. There are planting beds being planned for either side of the entry way with perennial plants that will be easy to maintain and look more welcoming.

 --Woodchips and other work are meant to keep down some of the overgrowth on the Concklin side of the building that can get unkempt looking as the season goes on and takes a lot of time for Buildings & Grounds to maintain.

 --A new sign by the entrance way/driveway that is in keeping with the aesthetic of the main sign in front of the building and is more up to date (the current sign at that location still has our old name).

 --Potentially some work to prune/trim some of the large plants in front of the building that block visibility.

 --Potentially some work on the bell tower

To do this, we will be asking people to donate additional funds for this big project, planned to take place over the course of this spring. We have a generous donation from an anonymous donor of Matching Funds up to $5,000. Every dollar you donate has the ability to go twice as far!    If you donate to this facelift for our congregation, please make sure to put “Face Forward” in the memo line on your check or be sure to let the Treasurer know that your extra donation is intended for that purpose.

We appreciate all that people are able to do!

Hillary Torres